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You Know What I Do
You Don't Know What Can I Do

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An Underground Hacker

Hi, I'm Mr8n.

I like to break things. It started very young, I think. If there is a fence, I'll climb over it or cut through it. If there's a "No Trespassing" sign on that fence, then I'll probably just want to climb it more. If you put barbed wire on top of the fence, then it just gives me a problem to solve; razor wire and at that point it's just "challenge accepted." If you say I can't, I will prove you wrong; say I shouldn't, and I will do it anyway; say I won't, and I'll do it just to spite you. It's not that I'm malicious, though a nefarious nature and a certain level of mischievousness certainly plays a part; I just like to crack things open and see how they work. I like to know what you're trying to hide. I am what the kids call ďa hacker

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